About Us

Started by a passionate beekeeper and gardener, Backyard Bees is proud to bee a woman-owned business, made in the U.S.A!

From Our Backyard to You

Colored by nature. Inspired by nature. The Queen Bee LOVES using fresh and clean ingredients. 

We grow what we can and supplement with our farmers market friends. 

We upcycle, recycle and repurpose. It’s not easy bee-ing green, but we believe little things make a difference.

We keep it simple with small batch, local ingredients, and lots of love. Seriously. We love what we do.

Let's Bee Creative

The Backyard Bees Hive

Backyard Bees was started in Sunnyside Gardens, in Queens New York, by a passionate beekeeper and organic gardener. A lover of all things green, the Queen Bee has a masters degree in nutrition and a background in science. Since becoming the mother of twin boys, this Queen Bee has been super busy – but nothing makes her happier than sharing her passion for all things green and natural.

Smiling 6 year old boy in yellow bee suit



This one likes to laugh, but he doesn’t really like to work. He’s strong though, and a strong drone is a good thing.

the queen bee shows inside of beehives



The center of the business, inspired to teach her children and make the world a greener place.

6 year old boy in green t-shirt counting honey jars



This one helps with the honey because he likes to eat it! 

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We are always updating, restocking, and beeing as green as we can bee!

Small Batch

each batch is made by hand, with your satisfaction in mind.

Plant Based

we use high quality plant oils, butters, and essential oils as the base for all our products.

Environment Friendy

we use paper tubes and sustainable packaging that are biodegradable

Fast Shipping

we're a small company but we value big company service