Common Questions From Curious Customers

We love talking bees and bee-ing clean with you. So don’t bee shy about asking questions. These FAQs are just a starting point. Just click the button below and send us a message if you need more information. We try to bee to the point, but sometimes we are a little too quick to answer. DON’T BEE SHY! We may add your question to the FAQs list!

Are you a beekeeper?

Yep. Over 14 years of experience.

Do you do special orders?

Yep. Corporate gifts, favors, and more.

Do you make natural deodorant?

Yes! We make WAY more than soap!

Where can we find you?

We pop-up here, there, and everywhere -check our events page!

I DO get stung, but not too frequently. Honeybees are very gentle and will only sting me if I am too rough around their hive. I try to go slowly  and only open up their hive if there is a reason to. 

The queen bee is the key to the survival of a honey bee colony. She lays all the eggs to maintain the population. But there is only one of her because she produces essential hormones that bind the hive together as a unit. 


No, honey doesn’t go bad, but it’s flavor and texture can change over time.  The USDA recommends using honey within one year.  Edible honey was found in King Tut’s tomb; it was over 3,000 years old!


Yes, honey is very good for the skin. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it pulls moisture from the air onto your skin. It can also work as a gentle exfoliant. Lastly, honey has antibacterial properties and is healing for your skin.


Backyard Bees has hives in a few spots on Long Island. We have small apiaries (more than one hive) in Glen Head, Roslyn, Williston Park, Glen Cove, and Oyster Bay. Each hive produces a unique flavored honey. 

A shampoo bar is a solid shampoo. We love shampoo bars because they have no chemicals, and are plastic free. One Rhassouli Shampoo Bar eliminates two plastic bottles; you don’t need to use a conditioner when you use a shampoo bar.

Backyard Bees Citry Sage Lotion Bar and Green Gold Lotion Bars are fantastic solid moisturizers. For the best results, the bar should be at room temperature. Scrape the bar across the top of your knuckles. You’ll see little flecks of lotion…simply massage them onto your hands and up your arms. No need to ‘Crayola’ yourself. 

The Mariner (scented or unscented) is Backyard Bees best soap for those with extra-sensitive skin, allergies, and eczema. It is a very mild bar with clear, tiny bubbles. It has a salt water base which has been well studied in the treatment of eczema.

We sure do make facial bars! Wild Rose and Honey is one of our most popular bars for the face. Rosemary Olive Oil Bars and Lavender Goat Milk are also well loved. Face Thyme is a seasonal soap that sells out quickly.

We do! We love bee-ing a part of special celebrations and have come up with some very original green packaging to make baby shower favors and wedding favors both useful and pretty!