Dandelion Poppy Scrub vegan soap

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Dandelion lemongrass soap with poppy seeds to scrub and polish your skin! Plant based vegan soap.

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Dandelions are amazing in many ways

Dandelions have a bad reputation and are often called weeds, but the Queen knows they smell fantastic and all parts of the plant are useful!

The power of the dandelions is infused into extra virgin olive oil and used in our recipe. We also make a tea out of it for this very popular vegan soap bar. The dandelions help to color the soap yellow.

Fresh and light, the teeny poppy seeds will scrub away dead cells and leave your skin feeling smooth and clean! Scented with pure lemongrass essential oil and nothing else!

Other Exfoliating Products by Backyard Bees

If you like a little scrub in your soap, we also make a few other scrub bars you may be interested in.

Peppermint Pumice is a scratchy soap with fine grains of pumice mixed in. Many people like to use it on their feet and dry patches; others love it as a whole body soap.

We also have Dirty Hands,Β  designed for people who work hard with their hands. Coffee grinds are a little coarser than the poppy seeds, but hemp seed oil soothes the skin.

The most gentle exfoliator we have are our pre-filled Sisal Bags. We prefill them with soap scraps to bee waste-free; the bag itself is the exfoliator and can be reused over and over.

Dandelion Poppy Scrub Ingredients (vegan soap):

dandelion infused extra virgin olive oil; dandelion tea; coconut oil; sodium hydroxide; cocoa butter; sunflower oil; castor oil; lemongrass essential oil; organic poppy seeds

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Dimensions3.5 × 3 × 1 in

6 reviews for Dandelion Poppy Scrub vegan soap

  1. Gabriella

    This scrub bar is super awesome! I love that the scrubby pieces are completely natural and won’t contribute to microplastic pollution. As with all backyard bees soaps, leaves my skin soft and moisturized.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the texture on this soap πŸ™‚

  3. Marjory Roth

    Favorite smell!

  4. Khairul

    so love this

  5. Michelle Pahl

  6. Laura Kraker

    My daughter-in-law’s absolute favorite!

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