Sisal Soap Saver Bag zero waste

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The Backyard Bees sisal soap saver bag is a plastic free body wash! We stuff it with assorted soap ends and send it to you pre-filled. Reuse it again and again.

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The Backyard Bees Sisal Soap Saver Bag is a zero waste product.

Your bag is pre-filled using our natural soap scraps – cut ends, soap shreds and soap crumbles. This reusable bag allows you to use every little bit of your favorite soap.  

Why we love our soap saver bags!

Our Backyard Bees bags are made of natural fibers from the leaves of the  ‘agave sisalana’ cactus plant! This plant material is completely 100% compostable!

The drawstring bag allows you to open it up and add your own soap scraps or even a full bar of soap.

Sisal fibers are softer than loofah (which we recommend for your feet!) but they still have scrubbing power to leave the skin refreshed.

If you feel the scrubbing power of the bag is diminishing, simply brush the fibers in the opposite direction before using.

Pull the bag away from the soap to keep the bubbles flowing.

These bags do not mildew. You can leave them hanging in the shower hanging or on a shelf. And they don’t smell either!

Who else loves these Backyard Bees Soap Saver Bags?

  • Men in particular love these little bags; they are fantastic at exfoliating the skin and  work up a nice, rich lather
  • Kids love having their own soap bag and the special feel of washing with out it.
  • Older people who need to be careful in the shower. Regular soap bars slip and slide. These are very easy to use.
  • People planning green showers! They make great green favors! Send us a message if you want to discuss.

Other zero waste products from Backyard Bees

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We include these sisal soap bags in a few lovely, practical, usable green gifts: “Fresh From the Garden” and  “Sustainable Shower Set,” which  you can personalize to include your choice of soap, lip balm, and soap lift.



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