Sustainable Shower Set – great green gift ideas


Bee Clean sustainable shower set can bee personalized with out green gift ideas!  For men or women!


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Green Gift Ideas: Personalize

We know you like choices, so you get to personalize this little set.

You’ve got 3 decisions to make the perfect green gift:

  1. Pick one of our popular all natural soaps. Cleopatra Bars  – made with goats milk, oatmeal, and honey – are perfect for extra sensitive skin or for anyone who might not need a scented soap. Both Sunshine & Silk and Dandelion Poppy Bars are scented, and both are vegan. 
  2. Choose a moisturizing lip balm – plastic-free and long lasting. This adorable lip balms are loved for their easy on glide and lip coverage in one swipe. Choose from Lavender, Spearmint, Clove, or Citrus.
  3. Soap lifts come in all different shapes and sizes. We chose our happy rubber ducky (never fails to make people smile), and two best selling neutrals (white or brown).

Every Bee Clean set comes with a reusable sisal soap saver bag. Once your soaps start to get smaller, drop them in the bag to get every last bubble’s worth out of them. 

Sisal bags are mildew free, so you leave them in the shower and keep on refilling. They last at least 6 months!

Green Gift Ideas: Choices Make It Easy

  • one bar of Backyard Bees soap – you choose the variety
  • one sisal drawstring bag – a reusable soap saving bag, that does not mildew or smell. 100% compostable.
  • one lip balm
  • one long lasting soap lift

Gifting Ideas

This green gift is such a great idea for teens who are beginning to pay attention to self-care; it also makes a perfect gift for a college student. Customers often buy this for someone moving into a new apartment…but then keep it for themselves!

Packaging Green Gifting Ideas

You don’t really need any green gifting ideas for packaging  – we did it all for you! Your 4-piece set is packaged using upcycled cardboard and is completely recyclable. No waste. Gorgeous. One-of-a-kind: just like you!

Weight10 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × 2 in
Pick a Soap

Dandelion Poppy, Sunshine and Silk, Cleopatra Bar

Soap Lift Color

Yellow Duck, White, Brown

Lip Balm Variety

Spearmint Lime, Lavender Chamomile, Citrus Hemp, Spearmint Lime


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