Honey Hot Toddy Gift Set

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Suh-weeet! Backyard Bees honey, an etched Jack Daniels glass, and an incredible scented Whiskey Neat candle by Paige’s Candle Co. Talk about a unique gift!

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This honey gift set is green as can bee! It includes:

  •  A salvaged etched Jack Daniels Distillery whiskey glass;
  • Eight ounce jar of raw Backyard Bees honey, with a wooden reusable honey drizzle stick;
  • Whiskey Neat – a long burning soy taxonomy candle by Paige’s Candle Co (a woman owned business in Queens, NY), scented with layers of Vanilla Bean and White Oak; Cherries and Tonka; and Bitch Bark – phthalate free, of course!

Recipe for a Honey Hot Toddy

  1. Bring  about 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup of water to a quick boil and let it cool a bit while you are fixing the rest.
  2. Measure out about 2ounces of your favorite whiskey into your tall Jack Daniels glass.
  3. Use your honey dipper to add a dollop of Backyard Bees honey to the glass, and squeeze a fresh lemon half right on top.
  4. Pour your hot water into the glass and stir…if you have a cinnamon stick, that adds a nice touch too.
  5. OPTIONAL, light up your Whiskey Neat Candle and relax!!

We wrap it up for you in an upcycled hand folded box and upcycled packaging paper and coconut fiber for mailing and it all makes a very unique presentation! Supplies are limited, so reserve yours today!

The Queen Bee of Backyard Bees really is a beekeeper. And yes, the bees are really in our backyard! We really do love what we do and put our heart and soul into making bee-u-t-full green gifts for you. Read more About Backyard Bees.

What are GREEN gifts?

Backyard Green Gifts are packaged up in an upcycled gift box made from salvaged floral paper and tied up real pretty with some coconut fiber paper, a fabric ribbon, and some coordinating twine.

There’s no cellophane, no plastic, no excess waste.

We’re proud to bee a green company and make it easy for you to bee green with the Queen!


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