Lemon Bomb natural lip balm

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Our Lemon Bomb natural lip balm is the absolute b-o-m-b! Works like magic to heal dry, cracked lips. and keep keep your lips soft and healthy.

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More about Lemon Bomb lip balm

Lemon Bomb lip balm has long been Backyard Bees number one seller. It is made with the best ingredients including fresh-from-the-garden lemon balm.

Made with the power of the lemon balm plant, this natural lip balm does not taste like lemon! It is “flavored” with essential oils of clove, peppermint, and tea tree (part of the magical mix that makes this product one of our best sellers!)

Lemon balm is a well researched herb shown to help heal cold sores. The power of plants is amazing; lemon balm lip balm is a perfect example.

Tamanu oil is another key ingredient that makes Lemon Bomb, the absolute bomb! Tamanu oil is a very healing plant oil, nicknamed ‘green gold’. It works so well we made a Green Gold Lotion Bar.

Lemon Bomb lip balm is part of our Fresh From The Garden green gift set. It’s the smallest item in the box, but often the one with the biggest response! Lemon Bomb brings out the natural color in your lips with no artificial colors or chemicals.

Eco-friendly natural lip balm

One paper tube of Lemon Bomb holds the equivalent of two plastic lip balms, making this another way to “reduce” and use less.

To use: Gently push up from the bottom of the paper tube, apply, and use the pressure of your lips to push back down the tube.


naturally made with lemon-balm infused olive oil; coconut oil; beeswax; tamanu oil; castor oil; essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and clove

A note on Paper Tube Sustainable Packaging

Backyard Bees natural lip balm is sustainably packaged in compostable paper tubes.

When you use the tube for the first time, you may need to push up a little harder at the bottom to release the seal. After that it will be easier.

To close, push the bar back down using the pressure of your lips.

Lemon Bomb is our number one selling lip balm, but we also make smaller beeswax lip balms in “fun flavors” – check out our unique Lip Bomb Trio! You’ll also find Lemon Bomb packaged up in our “Fresh From The Garden” gift set – a unique green gift for gardeners.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions3 × 1 × 1 in

6 reviews for Lemon Bomb natural lip balm

  1. Kailyn

    The description is correct! This stuff absolutely is magic and was the only thing that truly helped my chapped lips this dry season. Would absolutely recommend!!

  2. Magaly

  3. Donna DeCicco

    The Best. I’m sharing for Christmas and bought everyone one!

  4. Khairul

  5. Laura Kraker

    Amazing product!

  6. Melony

    I bought this at a local farm stand today and it is SO GOOD🤩

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