Honey Loofah Foot Care Set – “hello” pretty feet!

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If you like to bee barefoot anywhere, this foot care bundle is for you!

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The Queen is a barefoot kind of girl, what about you? Some people suffer from something called Ugly Feet Syndrome and we don’t want YOU to bee one of them!

Barefoot Love – How to Avoid Dry Feet

Step one is to exfoliate – gently, and not too often. After you get rid of some of the rough, dry skin cells, then you  moisturize. Beeswax balms are the best way to do this.

The Best Foot Care Routine

  • Loofah Honey Soap extra gentle and moisturizing Use this honey loofah soap to scrub your feet clean and to remove any rough, dry, or dead skin. The Queen does this about twice a week in gardening season.
  • Sleepy Time Foot Balm (with lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils) 100% natural Keep the foot balm by your bed. Use after you have used the loofah and one or two times extra…about 3-4 times a week when you are exposing your feet to the elements a lot.

Temperature changes and going barefoot a lot can give you dry feet. Save money on pedicures, bee proud of your feet, and get this duo today!

There are a lot of contributors to ‘ugly feet’ but many people don’t know that pedicures can bee one of the causes.

Too much scraping or overuse of foot graters can remove protective barriers on your feet and actually cause more callous buildup. The trick to soft, healthy skin on your feet is all about balance.

Another thing you can do at home is to treat yourself to a foot bath. Check out our ultimate foot care set, which includes a fantastic natural foot soak.



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4 reviews for Honey Loofah Foot Care Set – “hello” pretty feet!

  1. Queen Bee

    Smells great and my feet feel great!

  2. Marjory Roth

    So nice. And packaged nicely as well.

  3. Linda Lavalle

  4. LINDA LAVALLE (verified owner)

    I have been used this foot balm and given it many times as a gift–I use the loofah as an all over body scrub. The balm is divine on feet or massaged into temples for sleep.

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